AM is one of our service users who is affected by a condition called Multiple Sclerosis. This is a neurological condition that has an impact on the brain and spinal cord. This service user discovered she has MS after giving birth to her first born child.

AM started to need home care in 2008 when she became wheel chair bound and started to have four carers a day in 2014.

AM lives with her partner who has played a big part in AMs care, but as AMs condition has progressed this has become a lot harder.  AMs needs have changed and there has had to be changes to her care.  Premier Care now delivers care to AM four times a day with two carers at each visit.  If carers did not deliver care to AM at home then AM would have to go into a care home where AM really does not want to be.

AM likes to have a shower every day and to have her hair washed and she enjoys having the one to one with her carers, AM likes to have her “girly chats” and having her hair different styles, AM also likes to have her nails painted different colours every week which we do when we do her sit on a Tuesday.  AM also enjoys watching films with her carers.

AM benefits from having carers at her home as the carers are able to deliver the good quality care that AM needs.  AM is able to express her likes or dislikes and knows that the carers will listen to her and always puts her needs first.

AMs mobility is restricted, she needs to be hoisted from her bed into her wheel chair, she has learnt to trust the carers that come in to deliver her care to do this.  If the carers did not go in then this would not be possible.

Having Premier Care deliver care at AMs home has a positive impact on AM.  AM enjoys being in her own environment and living with her partner.  She is surrounded by all the people she loves and the people that love her.

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