M.G knew she needed help when she had an adverse reaction to mixed up medication and everyday tasks became difficult.

‘I realised I was getting old, things I could do every day became a task, which upset me a lot and generally would have me end up in tears about things that would never normally get me down’

Older people are more likely to be on high risk medication and so maintaining the correct dosages for is essential to minimising health risks. In a study done by the Centre for Disease Control, ‘people 65 and older have double the risk of having to go to the emergency room because of reactions to drugs.’

Based on positive recommendations and reviews M.G’s daughter sought the help of Premier Care to care for her Mother. Like many who seek home care M.G was at first was uneasy and felt embarrassed for needing extra help.


‘At first I was apprehensive, I felt let down that I needed it, I felt embarrassed, however when Ellie came to see me, her bright cheery face made me smile’

Ellie’s care helped M.G to maintain her independence and now she feels glad to have the additional support.

‘She explained to me about how she wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want or need, and how I was still to try and do as much as I could, she would just be my support in case I needed it, and that made me feel like I still had some independence’

A concern of many service users is that in seeking care they might lose some of their independence, however at Premier Care we strive to promote practical independence for our users.

‘100% I feel I would be at a loss now without your visits Ellie, the impact it’s had has meant I get up in a morning I do things in my day and I go to bed at night, all without a moan or groan! I feel I get courtesy and compassion from everyone that visits me! And I can’t thank my carers enough for giving me the confidence to do things on my own and to get out and about!’

Our carers can provide high quality care in the home for individuals in need of additional help. We can help your loved on to maintain a regular routine and enhance their quality of life.

‘I think if I had known about the help available sooner I might not have gotten to the point I was at!’

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