Understanding care funding methods

You may be eligible for care funding from your local authority or local HSC Trust. To find out whether you are able to get funding, assessments would be completed.  These assessments determine what type of care and support you may require and what funding you might be eligible for.

Depending on your local authorities there are different criteria for assessment. The best way to find out about your entitlement is by contacting your local authority or visiting them online. Be aware that some local authorities and NHS regions may not provide funding for home care.

Even if you are receiving funding to pay for your care, you can still request to use our care services if you would so wish under the 2014 Care Act .

If you are struggling to have your choice in home care contact us on 01623 810 100 and we can arrange your selection of care with us directly with your local council. 


Enquire about our pricing

Useful links about funding for care

Click here for information about funding for care in the Nottinghamshire area.

Click here for details on care funding in the Derbyshire area.

Click here for help working out your savings and financial eligibility.

Click here for impartial financial advice from Age UK.

We will provide clear information about your payment

At Premier Care we work closely with local authorities and if you are eligible for funding we can explain what this means for your payment when we give you details of our charges. If you will be paying privately, we will explain to you the various payment methods available.


We can make arrangements with your family if you prefer

Sometimes, a person’s care is paid for by family members, advocates, or with funds from other sources. It is common for those close to you to be the ones to arrange care, please let us know if you would like us to make financial arrangements with an advocate or member of your family.

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