We deliver in-home assistance to service users who want to stay independent in their own homes.

There can be many reasons why you or a loved one may need care in the home. You may be recovering from illness or accident or have just come out of hospital and need help to get back on your feet.

You may have a life-limiting condition which requires expert care and support. You may need help with things like getting out of bed, washing and cleaning. Or you may just need an extra pair of hands to help out around the home.

Whatever your reason, we’ll always go the extra mile to provide a personal and bespoke home care regime that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

Everything we do is tailored to you, your routine and your requirements. We offer a free, no obligation initial consultation to establish your needs. We will then draw up a detailed care plan to ensure you receive the best care possible, all in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.

Find out more about how we can offer an unrivalled level of compassionate home care and give you the dignity and independence you deserve.

in-home assistance

Personalised Care Packages

Everything we do is tailored to you, your routine and your requirements. A detailed plan can be drawn up so you receive the best care possible from our experienced and professional staff.

Everything we discuss during your initial consultation is treated with the strictest confidentiality, and we can help with many aspects of your daily routines including getting in and out of bed, dressing, bathing and washing, preparing meals, shopping and housework.

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Suiting your personal needs

  • Your care needs, including how you would like to be cared for
  • Your health and safety, including that of our staff
  • Equipment you may need such as hoists, chairs, Zimmers, etc.
  • Your relevant medical history › Any medication you may be taking
  • Any consultants or specialists you are currently seeing
  • Your religious or cultural preferences
  • Any communication problems you may have
  • Any special dietary requirements
  • The people you would like us to contact in an emergency
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