How we can help

We offer specialised diabetes care and education in the home to enable our clients to live as independently as possible while safely managing their own diabetic care.

Our carers provide support and assistance to clients and their families to increase their ability to control their diabetes, while staying safe and healthy in the home.

We can support with safe medication administration and ensure all our clients can have a good quality of life while living with the condition.

diabetes care

Some things can become more difficult with diabetes, to provide support our carers can;

  • Help manage insulin and other medications
  • Make regular meals to help with blood sugar iregularities
  • Support you to do exercises to help with your condition
  • Provide times flexible to doctors appointments

We understand that it can be difficult to manage diabetes, especially if there are further conditions that complicate the management. Our carers can provide regularly timed meals scheduled to help you to maintain regular blood sugar levels. Home care can also help you to manage your medication at regular times.

We provide care in areas in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Click here to see where we cover.