Supported Living Services – How we can help you

We work with a range of public sector and community partners to provide individually designed supported living packages of care and support which enable adults to live independent lives.

We help to support adults who have physical or sensory impairments, learning difficulties or mental health issues, older people and those who are not able to care for themselves.

We aim to ensure you a fulfilling and independent life by providing practical support around the home, and protecting your privacy, maintaining your dignity and independence, and ensuring you have the opportunity to make positive life choices.

supported living
Some conditions can make it difficult to live independently, to provide support our carers can;
  • Help manage any medications to ensure they are taken regularly
  • Complete tasks like grocery shopping and cleaning to help you to live independently
  • Provide support with personal care
  • Provide companionship and emotional support

We provide care in areas in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Click here to see where we cover.